Gripswing is an urban culture festival combining music, street art and fashion for young people.  The festival's mission is to bring together those who are cramped for space, to give them a platform for self-expression and freedom.
The goal of the project was to create a name, visual identity and event design based on the festival's canons: "Rules are made to be broken"; "Integrity and self-expression are power"; "An idea is stronger than boundaries".
Based on that and the deep research, the general concept of the opposition of rigid frameworks and freedom of action was designed. The visual part of this concept is a combination of solid, static and soft, dynamic forms representing this opposition. The chosen solution is based on acid colours, the brightness of which is deliberately muted, as an urban culture is, and accented typographic elements, chaotically scattered throughout the format.
Naming and Concept Design Process:​​​​​​​
Final Design Concept:​​​​​​​