Obscure Art Gallery is a haven for unconventional artistry, showcasing the works of unknown artists. Within its walls, visitors are immersed in a curated collection featuring creations by emerging talents, sourced from graduation shows, social media platforms, and independent workshops.
Throughout the extensive journey of this project, both a distinctive name and a captivating modern visual identity have been created.
The name "Obscure" embodies a myriad of meanings. It means no prominence, note, fame, or distinction, and also not clear to the understanding, inconspicuous or unnoticeable. Additional meaning is lacking in light or illumination, dark, murky. Its connotations extend to the concept of the camera obscura, where light passing through a small aperture creates an image on an opposite surface. These associations make "Obscure" a perfect name for a gallery encapsulating the essence of undiscovered talents.
The visual identity concept revolves around themes of distortion, blur and ambiguity. Symbolising the unconventional nature of the gallery, this aesthetic unfolds through every aspect of design — from the intriguing logo and eccentric typographic shapes to the mesmerising colour palette. Comprising a harmonious blend of monochrome tones and enigmatic cobalt blue, the visual narrative exudes an air of mystery and allure, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where the extraordinary and unexpected awaits at every turn