Brand Identity is a key to attracting your potential clients and users, building trust and professional appearance. It’s all about making your business memorable and consistent to stand out from your competitors.
This service is for clients who are after a full brand identity for their business, whether you are ​starting from scratch or refining your company’s existing branding.
As a result of work, you will get a full brand book with brand identity guidelines which includes logo and its variations, brand colour palette, typography, graphic elements, all needed collaterals and rules for their use.​​​​​​​
Graphic design for events can make them unforgettable for guests and profitable for organizers. It is a big marketing tool for attracting more people and create a great atmosphere.
This service is for clients who run a sport competition, music festival, conference or any other event and want to create an awesome experience for guests and participants.
As a result of work, you will get a solid concept for your event which includes logo and its variations, colour palette, typography, graphic elements and all needed items like merch, tickets, stage design etc. We will go together all the way to the event day itself.​​​​​​​
Companies regularly need to do something special like a collaboration with an influencer, a seasonal campaign or a social project. Activities like these can go viral, boost brand awareness and attract new potential clients.
For clients who are up to add something special to their existing brand or event like collaboration, brand new packaging, promotion set etc.
As a result of work, you will get a unique design and all collaterals you need either for digital usage or production like merch, packaging, promo materials. This can literally be anything.