Solarausbau Deutschland is a solar panel installation company in Germany. The company is dedicated to providing affordable, reliable, and high-quality solar energy solutions using simple processes similar to the purchase of SIM cards and payment of a tariff plan in telecom companies.
The goal of the project is to establish a strong and recognisable brand image that accurately represents the company's values, mission, and services. The aim is to create a brand that not only reflects the company's expertise in solar panel installations but also communicate the company's commitment to sustainability, inspires trust and confidence among its customers in such a complicated area. 
Solarausbau Deutschland’s logo combines a sophisticated, tech company name wordmark with a vibrant brandmark. The brandmark is a minimalistic image of the sun and its rays. At the same time, it is missing some details that represent the ongoing process of transitioning to solar energy. All details of the brandmark symbolise not only the sun rays, but also people who already use solar energy. The missing segment demonstrates that everyone's participation is absolutely necessary for moving up to the next level in matters of energy sources, and everyone who joins the company joins the bright future that we are creating together.
Warm yellow is a vibrant accent colour that stands for solar energy. This shade of colour is known as the supporting one, used to help people make a tough decision or when they seek clarity. Combined with the colours of dark graphite and steel, it creates a point of emphasis and a modern and fresh brand outlook.