Tagset Group is a company that offers services in finance, accounting, and web development.
The objective of the project was to establish a memorable brand name and create an eye-catching visual identity for such a complex area of the company's expertise.

The concept behind the name is based on the idea of technology and the completeness of the client's experience after engaging with the company. The name combines "Tag" (label, element) and "Set" (kit, collection), which together evoke the notion of complexity, the connection of numerous details into a cohesive, well-coordinated mechanism. Clients may come with a multitude of problems and requests, and here, they will receive assistance in resolving them all. "Tag" also points to the technological aspect and the presence of IT services within the company. The name is short, impactful, easy to remember, and pronounce. It sounds modern and confident, firmly rooted in its identity.
The brand visual identity concept extends the idea of the name, emphasising the technological expertise and completeness of the client's business. The primary visual focus is on the simple yet "weighty" and dense geometric shapes. This imparts the image of reliability and a strong foundation where stability and confidence reign. Large gradient shapes evoke a sense of creativity and freedom within firm, protective boundaries.
A sans-serif font with distinct geometry conveys the idea that a business should have a dependable backbone for realising new, innovative ideas. And the vibrant green colour palette signifies reliability and technological prowess, combining a contemporary approach with time-tested methods. All these elements together create a sense of reliability and a solid professional foundation upon which one can confidently rely.